Liveable Sheds

You can turn many of our BlueScope Steel sheds into a Class 1a liveable dwelling or shed home.

This conversion can provide a great solution for those looking for small retreats or temporary accommodation, potentially while you are building your home.

Our Class 1a liveable sheds use the strong and robust Sheds n Homes portal frame system. It features C-Section columns supported by girts on the outer sides of the wall, upon which the COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® cladding is then attached. This design provides supreme strength and as always, we custom design to suit your wind region and site design criteria. This site specific engineering ensure a fit for purpose structure, that won’t be either over or under engineered.

We supply all of the steel components for your building which are essentially the same as what we would a shed or garage. What really makes a shed differ from a Class 1a habitable dwelling is the foundation design. In order to be classified safe to live in, the foundation design must meet the criteria of the Building Code of Australia.

You can take inspiration for the design from our residential shed range, and your local Sheds n Homes teams can work with you to arrive at a suitable size for your needs and the space on your land. You can also start to plan how you will finish the interior of the building to introduce some creature comforts, like boxing in the C-Sections, gyprocking and insulation.

Also, make sure you discuss the level of service that you require for your liveable shed. Our local outlets have a strong network of trades and builders that they work with, and many of them have these skills in house also.
Call 1800 764 764 or find your nearest store, to start discussing alternatives to the traditional housing format.

Liveable Shed Examples

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class 1a liveable shed class1a liveable converted shed Class 1a liveable shed with patio class 1a liveable shed under construction class 1a liveable shed conversion class 1a liveable shed colorbond steel
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