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At Sheds n Homes, our custom sheds are designed to suit your exact requirements. Made from Australian BlueScope steel, all our sheds are backed by an up to 20-year manufacturers warranty and available in the full range of COLORBOND® Colours.

We have custom sheds to meet all requirements:

With a number of sheeting profiles available, our local team of shed experts can work with you to match the aesthetic of an existing dwelling or create the feature shed you want. 

With the ability to customise the dimensions down to the millimetre, add access doors as required, and enhance the comfort of your building through the addition of insulation and other options, we’ll ensure you have the functionality you’re looking for. 

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Custom Shed Design Options

Leveraging our industry-leading design software, our local team of custom shed experts will work with you to create the perfect shed for your needs. Our custom sheds are made from cold form Australian BlueScope steel with columns, rafters, bracing and all framing components made from GALVASPAN®

You’re able to customise the aesthetics of your design with a choice of horizontal and vertical cladding options in a number of different sheeting profiles. Choose from ZINCALUME® or the full range of COLORBOND® colours whilst enjoying competitive ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® shed prices.

Some customisation options include:

  • Motorised, chain-pulled and manual roller door options.
  • Personal access (PA) doors and sliding door options.
  • Dividing walls.
  • Multiple sheeting options.
  • Mezzanine floors for clever storage space.
  • Insulation.
  • Ventilation.

For a site-specific quote, get in touch with your local Sheds n Homes store today.

Your BlueScope Steel Warranty

Don’t take chances when it comes to the warranty on your big sheds, garages, or steel buildings. Because many shed companies regularly switch manufacturers and suppliers, it can be difficult to understand who’s responsible for honouring the warranty on your new steel building.

At Sheds n Homes, we use Australian BlueScope steel across our sheds and garage range. Because of this, you’ll receive an up to 20-year warranty backed by one of Australia’s largest and longest-standing steel companies, BlueScope Steel.

Learn more about your warranty here.

Versatile & Functional

Custom Sheds For Sale

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Our range of custom sheds for sale are flexible in design and robust in construction. Why settle for just any shed when the team at Sheds n Homes can custom design the dimensions, features and finishes to match your exact requirements?

When you purchase your shed from Sheds n Homes, you're supporting local business within your community. The benefits of working with our local team of experts are that they are:

  • Familiar with local council approval* requirements and can assist you by providing the technical information needed in a wide range of applications from liveable shed designs to garage workshops. 
  • Flexible in terms of design and will work with you to achieve your perfect shed.
  • ShedSafe® accredited which means you’ll get a strong, safe and insurable steel building.

*We do not arrange Council approvals.


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Custom Shed Prices

Custom shed prices can be optimised to suit your project budget. Depending on your required dimensions, features and finishes (COLORBOND® Vs ZINCALUME®), and location of your site, you’ll find that prices can vary substantially.

As our buildings are site-specific engineered, our local team of shed experts will work with you to optimise your design to suit your functional and aesthetic requirements while optimising for strength and efficiency. This ensures you end up with the best value shed that meets your personal, commercial or farm shed designs.

For a site-specific quote, contact your local Sheds n Homes store today or request a quote online.



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