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Often referred to as a heritage or traditional barn, an American barn is a highly versatile option when it comes to steel buildings. An American barn is characterised by a distinct raised drop on the central bay and typically has a gable roof on the central bay with symmetrical awnings.

However, our flexible design parameters also allow for the option of a skillion roof with uneven awning widths either side and you can choose to leave both or one of the awnings open.


American Barns Australia

American barns allow for parking of tall vehicles like boats, caravans, trucks and farm equipment - while allowing room for storage and hobbies under the lean-to’s on either side.

The tall middle section allows space for a mezzanine floor, a clever way to maximise vertical space. This style barn is also a great example of sheds you can live in.

A centre bay with adjoining lean-to’s offers a myriad of ways to create your dream space. Internal walls can divide sections for storage, hobbies or even a home office or sleep out.

Design Options

  • 22 COLORBOND® cladding colour choices or plain ZINCALUME®.
  • Manual, motorised, or chain pulled roller doors.
  • Skylight roof sheets to capitalise on natural light.
  • Whirlybirds/roof ventilators.
  • Multiple sheeting options.
  • Insulation.
  • Vermaseal.
  • Mezzanine floor.
  • Skillion or gable roof.
  • Stables and tack rooms.
  • Open or closed lean-to's.
  • Internal dividing walls.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • A variety of other cladding options

Why Choose A Sheds n Homes

American Barn?

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When you engage Sheds n Homes for your American barn project, you’re supporting a local business and in turn the local community in which they operate.

Along with the best quality products in the business, we pride ourselves in delivering the kind of good old-fashioned service which can be hard to come by nowadays.

  • Council Approvals: We assist you by providing the technical information you will need to include in your application for Council approval.*
  • Commitment to Your Project: We’ll work tirelessly with you to understand your requirements so we can design the perfect American Barn solution for your property, requirements and budget.
  • BlueScope Steel Warranty: Your American Barn is backed by an up-to 20 year BlueScope Steel warranty.
  • Australian Made: We source only the best quality Australian BlueScope and COLORBOND® steel.
  • ShedSafe® Accredited: Unlike some of our competitors, our American Barns are ShedSafe® accredited. This gives you peace-of-mind knowing that your barn is made tough and meets or exceeds Australian standards.

*We do not arrange Council approvals.

Want More Information About Our Prices & Sizes?


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American Barns for Sale

Check our featured American Barns page to review our designs and get inspiration for your own barn. Here you’ll also get an indication of american barn prices.

Up-to 20 year BlueScope Steel Warranty

With its roots going back to the days of BHP Billiton, BlueScope is Australia’s oldest and most reputable steel company.

If you’re comparing quotes between us and companies who use imported steel, be sure to ask some questions about their warranty. Keep in mind that a ‘manufacturers warranty’ is only as reputable as the manufacturer itself and many of our imported product competitors regularly switch manufacturers.



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