Guarantee of Supply

Subject to the terms and conditions set out below Steelx Pty Ltd ("Steelx") trading as Sheds n Homes Australia guarantees that if you make all payments directly to the "Sheds n Homes Australia" as per Clause 1 below, you will receive the kit building as described in your purchase agreement.

Please note, the Guarantee of Supply is offered at participating outlets only. Please contact your nearest outlet for confirmation of this offer. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Purchaser(s) shall make all payments for the kit set building being purchased as per the tax invoice issued to the account Sheds n Homes Australia by one of the following methods:-
  • BPay Biller Code 215723 using the reference number on the tax invoice; or
  • By cheque made payable to Sheds n Homes Australia and posted to P.O. Box 3557 Robina Town Centre, Queensland 4230
  • By Credit Card; by ensuring that your local store processes your credit card through their SMS software built into their computer system.

2. In all cases, provided all purchase monies are paid as per Clause 1 above, the Purchaser(s) will be emailed, faxed or posted an acknowledgement of the Purchaser's payment(s) within three working days of receipt of the payment. If the Purchaser(s) does not receive an acknowledgement of payment the Purchaser(s) must contact Steelx by emailing [email protected] or phoning on (07) 5657 4420 and advise us that they have not received the acknowledgment.

3. In addition to the above requirements as to payment, this Guarantee of Supply is also subject to the following conditions in the event that the Steelx Guarantee is called on:-

  • The Purchaser must supply our Head office with full current contact details when making payments to Sheds n Homes Australia.
  • The Purchaser shall enter into a new agreement with Steelx for the purchase and supply of the building kit which shall give the Purchaser a credit for all payments received by Steelx in accordance with the payment methods in Clause 1 above.
  • This Guarantee only applies to the building kit as per the original Purchase Agreement previously signed by the Purchaser(s).
  • Steelx cannot guarantee that the actual delivery date will be as previously advised.
  • This Guarantee is for the supply of the building in kit form as per the Purchase Agreement only. Building works are not covered by this guarantee. Payment for building works must be paid direct to the Purchaser(s) builder.
  • Steelx reserves the right to elect to supply the building kit as otherwise set out in this Guarantee or refund any purchase monies paid by the Purchaser and received by Sheds N Homes Australia. Steelx shall be entitled to take over any rights the Purchaser may have under the original purchase agreement including, without limitation, the rights to the building kit and any other rights against any other party who has caused the Guarantee to be called on and the Purchaser agrees to sign all the necessary documents and Deeds required by Steelx in that regard at that time.
  • In the event that the Purchaser(s) is unable to complete the contract within 12 months of the contract date, in accordance with the terms of the contract, Steelx will deem the purchase agreement to be inactive and reserves its rights to cancel the purchase agreement. If the contract is terminated for inactivity, this Guarantee of Supply will be void ab initio.
  • Steelx's total liability under this Guarantee is only to supply the building kit as per the quote letter for the amount of the purchase price in the original purchase agreement. It is not for any additional items nominated in the quote letter which Steelx may, in its sole discretion, advise are not part of the building kit.
  • Steelx does not guarantee the recovery or repayment of any other losses, damages, costs or interest and/or fees the Purchaser(s) may incur for whatever reason associated with the original Building purchase.
  • Steelx reserves the right, at Steelx’s discretion, to remove, reverse and/or refund any such things nominated in the additional items outlined in the quote letter provided to the Purchaser(s).