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Our range of portal frame sheds isn't just about storage; they can also become fantastic liveable sheds, often affectionately called shouses, or shed houses.

Whether you're looking to create a vibrant rumpus room for the kids, a stylish granny flat to generate supplementary income, or something that perfectly fits your unique needs, residential sheds can expand your living space creatively.

Unlock the Potential: BlueScope Steel sheds from our selection can easily be transformed into Class 1A liveable dwellings or house sheds.

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Curious about the possibilities? Our local experts have the answers. They can provide you with the latest insights on your local council's regulations, ensuring a smooth journey toward your dream liveable shed.

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Class 1a Sheds
Class 1a Sheds 1
Class 1a Sheds 2
Class 1a Sheds 3
Class 1a Sheds 4
Class 1a Sheds 5
Class 1a Sheds 6
Class 1a Sheds 1
Class 1a Sheds 2
Class 1a Sheds 3
Class 1a Sheds 4
Class 1a Sheds 5
Class 1a Sheds 6

Class 1a Sheds

  • All dimensions can be customised
  • Available in the full range of COLORBOND® colours

Class 1a Liveable Buildings

Introducing our liveable shed kits – a remarkable addition to our diverse range of sheds and garages. Yet, the distinction doesn't stop at the foundation; it delves deep into the structural intricacies, specifically the bracing requirements essential to meet internal finishes' deflection limitations and prevent unsightly cracking.

But rest assured, at Sheds n Homes, we are well-versed in navigating these nuances. Our local Sheds n Homes store is dedicated to working closely with you, to develop a foundation design and structural bracing that not only meets but exceeds the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

So, whether you have specific preferences, unique needs, or a creative vision in mind, trust us to craft the perfect design that ensures your liveable shed kit is not only compliant but also comfortable and safe.

Our Portal Frame

Our Class 1a liveable sheds are built using the durable Sheds n Homes portal frame system. This system consists of C-Section columns, which are supported by girts located on the outer sides of the wall. The COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® cladding is then affixed to these components. This design is known for its exceptional strength.

As always, we take customisation seriously. We design to match the wind conditions in your region and the specific requirements of your site. This site-specific engineering guarantees that your structure is not just strong but also perfectly engineered to serve its intended purpose in your unique location.

Live In Shed Designs

Live In Shed Designs Live In Shed Designs

Sheds n Homes sophisticated design software can make your livable shed dreams a reality. We'll work closely with you to design your perfect liveable steel building.

  • Customise dimensions to suit your large shed or small shed needs.
  • COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel cladding options in a variety of sheeting profiles.
  • Snow loading, earthquake loading and cyclone rating engineering is provided wherever the standards require it.
  • Spans: up to 9m.
  • Lengths: limited to 30m.
  • Bay sizes: limited to 6m.
  • Wall heights: We offer a standard 6.5m eave height for sheds with spans up to 9m. However, for spans exceeding 9m, a customised design will be necessary.
  • Gable roof pitches: limited to 10, 15, 22.5 and 30 degrees – Note that a 30 degree pitch currently has a restriction of a 4.2m eave height.
  • Range of Optional Extras.
Sheds n Homes Liveable Shed Sheds n Homes Liveable Shed

Why Opt for a Sheds n Homes Liveable Shed?

When you choose Sheds n Homes, you're selecting a local shed supplier with the support of a nationwide steel distribution network. This means you get the best of both worlds: personalised local service along with the advantages of group buying power.

  • Council Requirements: Understanding local council requirements for livable sheds can be a complex task due to their variability. But fret not; our local Sheds n Homes stores have the expertise needed to provide you with the technical information you will need to include in your application for council approval.
  • Quality Australian Steel: We proudly offer top-tier Australian BlueScope® and COLORBOND® Steel products, ensuring both quality and affordability in every shed we provide.
  • Backed by BlueScope® Warranty: Our buildings come with the added peace of mind of being backed by the BlueScope® Steel Warranty, a testament to the durability and reliability of our structures.



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