Country Living


  • Dimensions: 7m x 16m x 3m
  • Colours: Monument®
  • Categories: Rural Retreat, Workshop Sheds, Large Sheds, Colorbond Sheds


Jasmine's vision for her dream property truly came to life with the combination of the Rural Retreat Kit Home and an impressive 7m x 16m shed. The picturesque setting of wide-open spaces adds a sense of tranquillity and freedom to the scene.

The addition of the 7m x 16m x 3m shed further enhances the functionality of the property. This sizable shed provides ample space for various purposes, whether it be storage for tools and equipment, a workshop for hobbies, or even a place for Jasmine to pursue her passions. The dimensions of the shed indicate a spacious and versatile area, allowing for a range of activities within its walls.

Overall, Jasmine's choice of the Rural Retreat Kit Home and the impressive shed creates a delightful and complete living experience, blending the comforts of home with the allure of the great outdoors.

Specific to this project

Country Living


Span: 7 m Length: 16 m Height: 3 m


Design Features

  • Shed
  • 3 x Roller Doors
  • 4 x Bays
  • Gable Roof
  • 2 x Windows
  • 1 x Glass Sliding Door
  • Kit Home
  • 4 x Bedroom
  • 2 x Bathroom
  • 1 x Living Room
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