Rein It In


  • Dimensions: 9.5m x 9m x 4.37m
  • Colours: COLORBOND Dune® & Gully®
  • Categories: American Barns, Horse Stables


This is how you combine a horse stable and tack room using an American-style barn.

We added a lean-to on both sides, one for the horses to have shelter at night and the other side for a tack room. Added insulation to the roof to add extra comfort for our long nose friends and large roller doors on either end so you could ride on through without any hassles.
Using a two-tone colour combo with COLORBOND Dune® and Gully® to keep the shed light and give it a stylish flare. This barn will be lying around for years to come.

Specific to this project

Rein It In


Span: 9.5 m Length: 9 m Height: 4.37 m


Design Features

  • American Barn
  • 2x 4.5m covered bays
  • Roller doors
  • Roof Insulation
  • 4.37m to the apex
  • 3.6m to the eave
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