Ultimate Site Storage



As any seasoned developer knows, having a dependable storage solution on-site is absolutely essential for the smooth operation of construction projects. Damien's need for a spacious storage shed to house machinery, tools, and an array of building materials was paramount, and the team at Sheds n Homes Gold Coast rose to the occasion.

Damien's vision was clear: he needed a storage solution that was not only robust and functional but also customised to meet the unique requirements of his development site. Sheds n Homes Gold Coast understood the importance of tailoring the project to match Damien's specific needs.

With the completion of this project, Damien had peace of mind knowing that his development site now had a reliable storage solution that met his unique needs.

For Damien and his development site, this storage shed became a vital component of their daily operations, ensuring that machinery and materials were readily accessible and protected from the elements. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Damien and the Sheds n Homes Gold Coast team, his development site was now equipped with the ultimate storage solution, making the construction process smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Specific to this project

Ultimate Site Storage


Span: 15 m Length: 35 m Height: 5 m


Design Features

  • 6 x Roller Doors
  • 1 x Personal Access Doors
  • Gable Roof
  • 5m Bays
  • CODE :  SGLC230020
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