The Storage Spot



This spacious shed measures 4 meters in width, 6 meters in length, and stands at a height of 2.7 meters, providing ample room for various storage needs, workspace, or other functional purposes. The design includes a practical and stylish 2-meter awning at the front, adding an element of versatility and protection from the elements. Access to the interior is facilitated by a single roller door, ensuring convenient entry and exit for vehicles, equipment, or other items.

To enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and durability, the entire structure is styled using COLORBOND Monument®, a sleek and contemporary colour that seamlessly blends into different environments while offering superior resilience against harsh weather conditions. The modern and timeless appeal of the COLORBOND Monument® finish not only adds a sophisticated touch to the shed but also ensures long-lasting protection.

Specific to this project

The Storage Spot


Span: 4 m Length: 8 m Height: 2.7 m


Design Features

  • 1 x Roller Door
  • 1 x 2m Awning
  • CODE :  STWB230005
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