The Grey Skillion


  • Dimensions: 6m x 9m x 3.38m
  • Colours: Monument® and Wallaby®
  • Categories: Skillion Roof Garages


Garages are typically known for storing one or more vehicles, but that's not always the case. Garages have a multipurpose use and can store absolutely anything depending on the size you design. 

Spanning 6m x 9m x 3.38m to the eave. Styled in COLORBOND Monument® and Wallaby®. Our client went with the grey colours to enhance the landscape after the shed build. 

Specific to this project

The Grey Skillion


Span: 6 m Length: 9 m Height: 3.38 m


Design Features

  • Skillion Roof
  • Roller Door
  • Personal Access Door
  • 3 x Bays
  • Gutters
  • Code :  SFYS200115
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