Sleek Garage


  • Dimensions: 7.5m x 6m x 3m
  • Colours: COLORBOND Monument® and Ironstone®
  • Categories: Double Garages


Need a double garage? Say no more! What could you store in your brand-new double garage? Check out this gable roof double garage, spanning 7.5m x 6m x 3.66m to the apex.

Garages aren't just for storing your beloved car, they are built to store all necessities from the harsh climates we face here in Australia. Styled in COLORBOND Monument® and Ironstone®. 


Specific to this project

Sleek Garage


Span: 7.5 m Length: 6 m Height: 3 m


Design Features

  • Gable Roof
  • Personal Access Door
  • 2 x Skylights
  • Code :  SFYS200059
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