Skillion In Blue


  • Dimensions: 7m x 8m x 4.24m
  • Colours: Deep Ocean®
  • Categories: Skillion Roof Sheds, Custom Sheds, Colorbond Sheds


This absolute stunner skillion shed is the ultimate blue package. Our client needed some additional storage space for their vehicle to be protected by the ever changing weather, hence this amazing design. Not only will a car fit but there is space down the end for additional general storage. 

Spanning 7m x 8m x 4.24m to the top of the skillion, this shed is styled in an all time favourite COLORBOND Deep Ocean®. 

Specific to this project

Skillion In Blue


Span: 7 m Length: 8 m Height: 4.24 m


Design Features

  • Skillion Roof
  • Roller Door
  • Personal Access Door
  • Gutters
  • Skylights
  • Code :  SGEE211004
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