Paperbark® Double Garage


  • Dimensions: 6m x 9m x 3m
  • Colours: Paperbark® & Ironstone®
  • Categories: Double Garages, Double Garages


The client originally contacted our office through a website enquiry. After submitting a kit quote the client asked for a build quote, Brian went to site in Blackwater to see the site where the shed will be going. After lengthy discussion Brian convinced the customer to upgrade his slab to a H2 Class to work with the soil type in Blackwater. The client also changed his mind from getting 2 x Whirlybirds to get insulation instead. The Shed has 4 windows to let in natural light. We organised the whole process!

Specific to this project

Paperbark® Double Garage


Span: 6 m Length: 9 m Height: 3 m


Design Features

  • PA access door
  • Insulation
  • Sliding glass windows
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