Monster Shed


  • Dimensions: 9m x 36m x 3.6m
  • Colours: Manor Red® & Classic Cream™
  • Categories: Workshop Sheds, Custom Sheds, Large Sheds, Colorbond Sheds


Meet Tim Wood, the retired Australian Freestyle BMX rider, who has taken his love for collecting to the next level with an awe-inspiring collection of vehicles housed in an enormous, state-of-the-art shed from Sheds n Homes. At the heart of his remarkable assemblage stands a rare and imposing 52-tonne Centurion gun tank named "Birth Controller," manufactured in 1953. Wood's collection is a dream come true for any vehicle enthusiast, showcasing an extraordinary array of boy's toys, including a Sherp, Helicopter, Ferrari, and much more!

When it came to ensuring the safety and protection of his prized collection, Tim Wood chose to deal directly with Scott Purvis from Sheds n Homes Gold Coast. For Tim, the choice was more than just picking any shed company; it was about the person he was dealing with and the quality of communication. "It was a really easy process dealing with Scott," Wood said, highlighting the importance of a seamless and personalised experience.

The massive 36-meter-long shed, situated just steps away from his house, serves as a sanctuary for Tim's impressive collection. Beyond merely safeguarding his vehicles, the shed has become a remarkable attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide. Whether it be friends or guests who stop by for a quick glimpse of the astonishing collection, the shed has become a hub of curiosity and admiration.

Step into a world where passion and dreams take shape in the form of vintage tanks, helicopters, and other boy's toys. Experience the magic and wonder as you immerse yourself in the story of Tim "the tank man" and the remarkable beast of a shed sheltering his incredible collection! Watch his story below.

Specific to this project

Monster Shed


Span: 9 m Length: 36 m Height: 3.6 m


Design Features

  • 6 x Roller Doors
  • Gable Roof
  • 15 Degree Roof Pitch
  • CODE :  SGLC220023
Tim Wood v2
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