Kids Retreat


  • Dimensions: 8m x 7m x 2.7m
  • Colours: Colorbond Night Sky® all over
  • Categories: Liveable Sheds


With our kids spending more time at home during 2020 due to restrictions, having a space for our precious children to retreat to is looking more and more attractive.
(Translation: We need a place to get the kids out of the house so we can have some PEACE AND QUIET!!!)

Our recent customers definitely had the right idea getting one of our sheds for their kids to run amok. This sizeable kids zone came to 8m wide x 7 m long x 2.7m walls. They decided to go with the trendy Colorbond® Night Sky® colour all over.

Specific to this project

Kids Retreat


Span: 8 m Length: 7 m Height: 2.7 m


Design Features

  • Glass sliding door
  • Glass sliding windows
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