Horse Haven


  • Dimensions: 6m x 6m x 3.2m
  • Colours: Woodland Grey®
  • Categories: Farm & Rural Sheds, Horse Stables, Custom Sheds, Colorbond Sheds


This spacious and well-designed structure spans an impressive 6 meters in width, 6 meters in length, and stands tall at a height of 3.2 meters. The layout boasts a practical configuration, featuring 1 roller door, offering convenient access for larger equipment or vehicles. Additionally, it includes 1 window, providing ample natural light and ventilation, and 2 personal access doors for easy entry and exit, enhancing accessibility and functionality.

Styled in the sophisticated and enduring COLORBOND Woodland Grey®, this dual-purpose shed seamlessly integrates a practical storage area with a secure and comfortable horse shelter, catering to the diverse needs of both storage and equestrian enthusiasts. With its robust design and versatile features, this structure is poised to serve as a reliable and stylish solution for various requirements.

Specific to this project

Horse Haven


Span: 6 m Length: 6 m Height: 3.2 m


Design Features

  • 1 x Roller Door
  • 1 x Window
  • Dividing Wall
  • 2 x Personal Access Doors
  • 1 x Skylight
  • CODE :  SLAN200016
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