Fit For An Artist


  • Dimensions: 4m x 10m x 3m
  • Colours: Colorbond Dune® & Ironstone®
  • Categories: Workshop Sheds


Art lovers eat your heart out! This quirky shed was built in Sarina near Mackay and designed to provide a creative space for our client as an art studio.

At the perfect size of 4m x 10m x 3m, the 22.5 degree pitch roof and natural light allows the clients creative juices to flow. Of course colour tone on this creative space had to be just right for this artist using Colorbond Dune® and Ironstone®. 

Specific to this project

Fit For An Artist


Span: 4 m Length: 10 m Height: 3 m


Design Features

  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Windows
  • Gable Roof
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