Eucalyptus Retreat


  • Dimensions: 18m x 12m x 3.5m
  • Colours: Pale Eucalypt®
  • Categories: Colorbond Sheds, Custom Sheds, Large Sheds


This spacious building spans an impressive 15m x 12m x 4.82m and a 3m leanto. It features two roller doors, one personal access door, and five windows, providing plenty of natural light and easy access to the interior.

The entire building is styled in COLORBOND Pale Eucalypt®, which gives it a cohesive and modern look. With ample space for storage or as a workspace, this building can be customised to suit a variety of needs. Its stylish design and practical features make it a great addition to any property.

Specific to this project

Eucalyptus Retreat


Span: 18 m Length: 12 m Height: 3.5 m


Design Features

  • 1 x Personal Access Door
  • 2 x Roller Door
  • 3 x Bays
  • 3 x Window
  • Code :  SCEN214067
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