Double Garage


  • Dimensions: 9m x 9.2m x 3.4m
  • Colours: COLORBOND Basalt®
  • Categories: Double Garages


Check out this double garage! Our client came to us with the need to add a double garage to their property in order to store their beloved vehicles. They also wanted to have the extra light shining through as well as an easy access instead of always opening the roller doors and therefore added 3 x windows and a glass sliding door to the design. 

Spanning 9m x 9.2m with a height of 6m to the apex, styled in an all over COLORBOND Basalt®. 

Specific to this project

Double Garage


Span: 9 m Length: 9.2 m Height: 3.4 m


Design Features

  • 2 x Roller Doors
  • Glass Sliding Door
  • Gable Roof
  • 2 x Bays
  • Code :  SGEE214020
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