Creative Extension


  • Dimensions: 7.25m x 5.5m x 5.5m
  • Colours: Surfmist® & Jasper®
  • Categories: Workshop Sheds, Liveable Sheds


Here's an example of some creative, out-of-the-box thinking!

Keith came to us wanting to extend his top floor house while also adding a garage and workshop space underneath. We worked with him to supply a Liveable Shed that fit his needs and specifications.

Here is the final product with 7.25m x 5.5m x 5.5m dimensions using a combination of Colorbond®'s Jasper®, Surfmist®, and Windspray® colours. 

Specific to this project

Creative Extension


Span: 7.25 m Length: 5.5 m Height: 5.5 m


Design Features

  • Flashings
  • Roller Door
  • PA Door
  • Window
  • Vermaseal
  • Liveable shed (this is actually an extension to their house on the top and a garage and workshop underneath)
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