Coastal Home


  • Dimensions: 14.5m x 13m x 4.06 Eave and 3 Leanto m
  • Colours: Monument®
  • Categories: Liveable Sheds


Have space on your property that you would like to utilise? How about adding a shed home? That's exactly what our client did here! This stunning liveable design showcases ample light with 4 x sliding doors and 5 x windows. 

Spanning 14.5m x 13m x 4.06m to the Eave and 3m to the Leanto, styled in COLORBOND Monument®. 


Specific to this project

Coastal Home


Span: 14.5 m Length: 13 m Height: 4.06 Eave and 3 Leanto m


Design Features

  • Leanto
  • 5 x Windows
  • 3 x Bays
  • 4 x Sliding doors
  • Veranda
  • Code :  SFYS200138
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