Carla Benzie's Art Studio


  • Dimensions: 6m x 10m x 5.5m
  • Colours: COLORBOND Monument®
  • Categories: Workshop Sheds, Liveable Sheds, Garden Sheds


Now this is a MASTERPIECE! You think the outside looks impressive... wait until you see the inside! It is truly amazing what some creativity and a great looking shed can do! Carla has created her very own artistic wonderland, her beautiful bush art studio, a space she says is a reflection of her creative mind, echoing her love of the natural environment around us. It's safe to say with a space like this, how could you not feel inspired!

This beautiful shed stands at a size of 6m x 10m x 5.5m and has been elegantly finished in COLORBOND Monument® in Trimclad which perfectly blends with the bushy surrounds. 

Can't get enough of this wonderland? Wander through Carla's shed space with Dale Vine in the video below.

Interested in seeing Carla's work? You can check it out here:

Specific to this project

Carla Benzie's Art Studio


Span: 6 m Length: 10 m Height: 5.5 m


Design Features

  • Gable Roof
  • 5.5m High ceiling
  • Mezzanine Floor at 2.7m H
  • Multiple windows
  • Glass doors
  • Trimclad sheeting
  • Code :  SBTN180038

Wander Through Carla Benzie's Art Studio

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