Bridgetown Skillion


  • Dimensions: 4.2m x 6m x 2.6m
  • Colours: Basalt®, Dune® & Ironstone®
  • Categories: Skillion Roof Sheds, Single Garages, Workshop Sheds, Custom Sheds, Skillion Roof Sheds, Skillion Roof Garages, Garages with Workshops, Colorbond Sheds


We worked on a number of designs with this customer but landed on this little beauty.

Council presented some major challenges with their 'room between structures' guidelines - and being on a steep hill the materials had to be manually carried from the street down to the site. All in a days work for Sheds n Homes Manjimup!

Specific to this project

Bridgetown Skillion


Span: 4.2 m Length: 6 m Height: 2.6 m


Design Features

  • Chain pulled roller door
  • PA door
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