Boat Shed Beaut


  • Dimensions: 7.6m x 14m x 3.1m
  • Colours: Deep Ocean®
  • Categories: Large Sheds, Workshop Sheds


Have you got a boat but don't have a clue where to put it? It's a good problem to have and Sheds n Homes has a way to fix it.

Have a gander at this beaut of a boat shed at 7.6m wide x 14m long x 3.1m high with 2 roller doors. Comes with fitting Colourbond® Deep Ocean® colours.

Have a chat to your local team today about doing this fit out at your place. 

Specific to this project

Boat Shed Beaut


Span: 7.6 m Length: 14 m Height: 3.1 m


Design Features

  • 2 x roller doors, both motorised
  • 1 x sliding glass door
  • Glass Windows
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