Blue Beauty


  • Dimensions: 5m x 8m x 2.9m
  • Colours: Deep Ocean® and Windspray®
  • Categories: Single Garages


Our client was in need of a small garage where they could store their beloved car and other small tools in the back. This design was completed with natural lighting through two windows and two skylights in the roof. The client also wanted to be able to access the garage through the side and the back, therefore a personal access door was added and a fantastic glass sliding door at the back which leads back to the property. 

Spanning 5m x 8m x 3.34m, styled in COLORBOND Deep Ocean® for majority of the building and Windspray® for the windows. 

Specific to this project

Blue Beauty


Span: 5 m Length: 8 m Height: 2.9 m


Design Features

  • Roller Door
  • Windows
  • Glass Sliding Door
  • Personal Access Door
  • Gutters
  • Skylights
  • Code :  SGEE220013
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