Bay Width Solutions Skillion Shed


  • Project by: Sheds n Homes Nowra
  • Dimensions: 9m x 26m x 4.5m
  • Colours: Monument®
  • Kit Price: $32,570
  • Categories: Farm Sheds, Custom Sheds, Skillion Roof Sheds, Large Sheds, Colorbond Sheds


John needed 8m wide bays for his farm machinery.

8m bays would normally cost a fortune, but our clever 'Beam-Over' designs give us the ability to design 4m bays and simply remove every second post.

John saved a bucket load of $$ while not compromising on the style and function of his new shed.

Specific to this project

Bay Width Solutions Skillion Shed


Span: 9 m Length: 26 m Height: 4.5 m


Design Features

  • Uneven bay widths
  • Beam over design
  • Skillion design
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