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3 May 2017

The Sheds n Homes Point of Difference

  1. We're a family owned and operated company, so we understand the importance of family values and incorporate this into everything we do; from negotiating with suppliers to working with customers.
  2. Located nationwide, our distribution and franchise networks extends to all corners of the country.
  3. Partnering with over 20 manufacturing facilities across Australia, we pride ourselves on working with reputable local suppliers to create high-quality Australian made steel buildings.
  4. Our diverse product range spans residential, rural and commercial markets.
  5. Our innovative engineering and customer management systems allow us to provide tailored steel building solutions to customers.
  6. We use site-specific engineering to ensure all builds are in accordance with Australia’s strict building codes and standards
  7. Our company mission reflects our commitment to local manufacturing and quality Australian steel.
  8. With a steel building from Sheds n Homes, you’re getting a locally manufactured BlueScope Steel product that has been expertly designed and engineered specifically for your site.
  9. Our designs are flexible, but are built tough out of Australian steel for your requirements.
  10. We take pride in protecting your investment, that’s why we introduced our Buyers Guarantees.

Buyer Protection Guarantees


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