No Questions Asked Guarantee

Sheds n Homes guarantees to you, subject to these terms, that your building kit will be supplied complete and undamaged. No Questions Asked.

Careful cross-checking throughout the supply chain is in place to ensure this happens first time.

It is imperative that you be present at delivery to check off the kit with the delivery driver. If you or your authorised representative is not present at the time of delivery or collection for any reason, then you are deemed to have accepted the building kit and all doors as being in good condition, and some of your rights under this guarantee will be lost.

If you are not present, the driver’s comments in his notes will be final.

At the time of delivery, the delivery driver will, wherever possible, verify with you what has been delivered by:

  • checking with you all items against the delivery manifest.
  • taking photos of all packages and larger items comprising the building kit as delivered;
  • taking photos of the labelling on all of the packages.

If when you are unpacking the building materials, you realise that an item:-

  • has not been supplied; or
  • was included on your Bill of Materials but is not included on the driver’s delivery manifest; or
  • has been damaged prior to delivery, then we will arrange for the missing or damaged item to be replaced or repaired at the first available opportunity.
  • Your opportunity to claim under our Guarantee, with the exception of doors, will be available to you for 90 days from the date of delivery, so you must open up and check the building kit packages within the 90 days to protect your rights under our Guarantee.

This Guarantee does not extend to any building works or to items not listed on the Bill of Materials.

Exclusion in Relation to Doors

In relation to roller doors and personal access doors this guarantee is limited to the time of delivery or collection.
Any roller door is to be checked on site at the time of delivery, or at the time of collection to ensure that there is no damage to the roller door including the drum wheel, or the shaft, or the curtain, as can be seen without unrolling the door. It may be necessary for you to remove the protective steel wrapping around the door to confirm the condition of the door(s).

Any personal access door is to be similarly checked at the time of delivery or at the time of collection to ensure that there is no damage to the door(s).

If you believe a door may be damaged then you must reject the door or require the Driver to note this on the manifest, specifically describing the damage.

This Guarantee does not cover:-

  • theft;
  • vandalism or other act of a stranger;
  • damage caused subsequent to the delivery to you or collection of your building kit;
  • damage caused by “Act of God”;
  • damage caused by inadequate storage of the building kit packages.

At our discretion we retain the right to repair or otherwise rectify any damaged parts or to pay you to arrange to have the damage repaired by you at certain fixed dollar rates as listed on this website, or to otherwise compensate you at these rates.