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  12 Mar 2024 7:00 am

Sheds n Homes presents a range of steel kit homes, with prices starting from $24,300 to $107,300 (under N3 wind conditions), depending on the chosen design. The total cost of our homes fully erected by a builder generally ranges from $100k to $250k ( for our most popular sized Kits), which is significantly cheaper than the cost of most homes in this current market.

Depending on the state in which you live, there may be a first home owners grant available. With the QLD Government recently doubling the First Home Buyers Grant to $30,000, qualifying individuals can now utilise this grant to substantially reduce the cost of acquiring a steel kit home. 

Aside from price, there are many other benefits of steel kit homes to consider...

Creative flexibility

Unlike the limitations often encountered with project builders, kit homes provide a blank canvas for interior fixtures and finishes. While the layout is predetermined based on the selected kit home style, buyers have the flexibility to collaborate with their preferred contractors for the internal fit-out, enabling them to personalise their home according to their vision.

Granny Flat Options Available

The QLD First Home Buyers Grant can be utilised towards not only a new home but also a granny flat built on family-owned land. This provides an opportunity to save on costs by avoiding the need to purchase additional land. Sheds n Homes offers The Weekender 60 which is ideal for a granny flat setup with two bedrooms, a bathroom, living and kitchen area.

Council Approval Assurance

When purchasing a kit home from Sheds n Homes, we guarantee that the steel building design will meet or exceed council requirements and approval, or your deposit will be refunded in full. 

Structural Reliability

Sheds n Homes structures are crafted from TRUECORE® Steel, manufactured specifically by BlueScope Steel for the residential framing market. Our homes are engineered to meet Australia’s stringent Class 1 Building Codes and Standards, ensuring structural integrity. Additionally, steel is naturally termite-resistant, providing peace of mind against pest-related damage.

The doubled QLD First Home Buyers Grant presents an exceptional opportunity for eligible individuals. Steel kit homes from Sheds n Homes are an ideal choice for first-time buyers due to their affordability, durability, and sustainability. 

If you're interested in acquiring a kit home from Sheds n Homes, browse our range of options and request a quote today!



*Disclaimer: The information provided regarding the Queensland First Home Buyer Grant eligibility in this blog is intended as a general guide only. Eligibility criteria and grant amounts are subject to change, and it is recommended to verify the latest information with the relevant authorities or seek professional advice. This blog does not constitute legal or financial advice, and individuals are encouraged to independently confirm their eligibility and requirements for the grant. Any pricing mentioned in this article is subject to change and only relevant at the time of posting. All images are for illustrative purposes only and to be used as a guide and do not represent what is included in the base price of a Kit Home.


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