Tips for Purchasing a Garage

9 June 2014

Before purchasing a steel garage, here are few tips on what you need to check out first.

1. Measure, measure, measure!
Once you have decided where you want to locate your new shed and checked to make sure it isn't infringing on any boundaries or easements, then measure the space available. It is also important to measure any large equipment you may need to store inside your shed. Think of the future and any cars, boats of equipment you may want to purchase in the future. You really want to make sure the building is big enough to store what you want. 

2. Council Restrictions
Make sure you check with council about any restrictions for your area. Some regions have limitations on the colours and size of the steel buildings you put on your property.

3. Quality of Ground
Is the ground nice and flat? If not, you may need to spend extra money on leveling it and engaging site works experts.

4. Access Points
Consider where you would like the access points on your garage. You don't want any obstructions when you are putting your equipment and tools away. Also consider if you need additional access through sliding doors or personal access doors.

5. Aesthetics of your Garage
Size, colour and design will all play a pivotal role in how your shed will look on your property. Consider other existing buildings on your land and create a colour combination for your new shed that suits.

Purchasing a garage shed is a serious investment. When looking to add to your property, make sure you do your research and buy a steel garage that will increase the value of your property, look great and also be a functional building that will last.

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