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  16 Jan 2024 10:00 am

Living in a shed in Australia is possible. It depends on the Building Class the shed is designed for, and the approval(s) of your local building authorities.

Building Class for Shed Homes Australia

The National Construction Code (NCC) plays a pivotal role in categorising building classes, and the minimum technical requirements for structures based on their use and purpose.

Most sheds are sold as Class 10a buildings. These are non-habitable structures such as Sheds, carports, and private garages.

Living in a Class 10a shed is not appropriate nor generally permitted.

The first step is to have the structure designed and engineered as a Class 1a livable shed. This class level incorporates designed principles to meet the standards required for a habitable structure.

Standards and Requirements of Shed Houses

The conversion or construction of a shed as a Class 1a shed, will need to adhere to the NCC’s stringent criteria, including compliance with local council regulations.

Below are examples of a few construction standards/inclusions to be met for a shed to be considered liveable:

  • A kitchen sink and facilities for the preparation and cooking of food
  • A bath or shower
  • Clothes washing facilities, comprising at least one washtub and space in the same room for a washing machine
  • A closest pan and wash basin

This criteria ensures that the shed is not just a shelter but a fully functional and compliant living space. For more detailed information click here

Next Steps

Sheds n Homes can help you create your own liveable shed. We can supply you with a Class 1a steel shed frame covered in your choice of ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel sheeting.

The next step is to complete the conversion by adding creature comforts such as lighting, plumbing, internal cladding, and dividing walls to make it into a shed with living quarters. Your local Sheds n Homes store is well-equipped to assist you with this. They can connect you with local builders, suppliers, and certifiers, or may be able to help complete the fit-out process through their own building business, as many stores have this capability. 

Our local experts also have the expertise to provide you with the technical information you will need to include in your application for council approval.

Ready to explore your options? Get quote today to start a conversation with your local shed specialist. Transform your space with us!

 Livable Sheds Australia

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