Chemicals and your Farm Shed


Chemicals and your Farm Shed

  11 November 2014

When it comes to chemicals, there are a rules and regulations in regards to storing them. Obviously, depending on the nature of the chemical, they can pose a potential risk for both you and your neighbours. If you own a farm, then the likelihood of having to store chemicals of some kind is quite high, so the question we get asked is can you store your chemicals in your farm shed?

The answer isn't as simple as yes or no. There are many factors that will decide on whether your rural steel building is safe to store such items. In this blog, we have offered a short list of factors that should be considered, however, the team at Sheds n Homes really recommend that you check the bottles of the chemicals, and possibly contact your local council to see what is required to safely store chemicals in your farm sheds.

A secure and safe structure is a great way to keep these potentially dangerous substances out of reach from humans and animals. A well-insulated and enclosed steel building is required to not only increase the shelf life of your goods, but to also better protect your property.

If you are planning on keeping chemicals in your farm shed, then here are just a couple of recommendations to ensure optimum safety:

  • Keep the original labelling this way you won't confuse the contents.
  • Make sure you keep a list of chemicals stored in your farm shed.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your chemicals.
  • Chemicals need to be stored in cool, well-ventilated environments. Make sure you follow the storing recommendations thoroughly.
  • Lock your farm shed up so the wrong people can't access chemicals.
  • Separate your chemicals so there is no cross contamination.

Contact MSDS and make sure you have the most up-to-date and relevant first aid on hand. Sheds n Homes also suggest that you contact your local Department of Primary Industries for the latest guidelines.

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