Additional Features for your Steel Garage


Additional Features for your Steel Garage

  13 January 2014

If you do your research when in the market for a steel garage, then you can really make the most out of your new building. Firstly, make sure you purchase from a reputable ShedSafe accredited supplier. Also ensure those you work with offer a range of optional extras that can enhance the functionality of your new steel building.

Sheds n Homes offer a range of optional extras, such as:

  • Roof ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Personal access doors
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Motorised roller doors
  • Dividing doors
  • Wind locks to roller doors
  • Multiple sheeting profiles; and
  • Skylight roof sheets

These additional design inclusions can help to create better lighting, functionality and storage space. In addition to these optional extras there are a number of other features you can install yourself after your garage has been erected, such as:

  • Custom built shelving
  • Overhead racks for additional storage
  • Wall mounts
  • HVAC systems

A garage is a great addition to any family home, so make the most out of this new space and build a shed that will help you achieve the functionality that you require. Ensure overflowing household items can be stored away securely and out of the way, keeping your home clean and uncluttered.

To view Sheds n Homes range of reliable residential steel storage solutions, check out our product pages. If you have any further questions drop by your local store or give our team a call on 1800 764 764.

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