5 Tips on Purchasing a Garden Shed

19 November 2014

A garden shed is a great way to clean up the backyard and securely store your gardening equipment. There are literally hundreds of garden sheds being sold in Australia today, and it can be quite confusing to know what you are looking for. Sheds n Homes has put down five tips to help you find the best shed for your home.

1. Location, location, location.
Not only will you need to determine where you want to put your garden shed for aesthetic purposes, but also to ensure you don't infringe on any areas that building is not allowed such as easements, drainage etc. The location of your garden shed will also help you determine the dimensions for your shed which is obviously an extremely important factor in the buying process.

2. How are you going to use your Garden Shed?
Do you simply need a garden shed to store your lawn mower and gardening equipment? Or do you need a larger structure to also use for storing some of your larger possessions like bikes, pool equipment, shelves and electric tools? Either way, it is best you decide exactly what you want to store in your garden shed so that you get one that is the right size. Also think about any extras necessary that will deliver ultimate functionality. 

3. Match your Garden Shed to your Home?
Make sure that it looks good and matches the existing colours of your home. Sheds n Homes has a large range of garden sheds that come in over 20 colours.

4. Steel or Wood?
Steel is a strong material and is less-likely to be attacked by termites. Also, most steel garden shed kits are relatively easy to erect. 

5. Pegs or concrete?
A concrete slab is definitely preferable, but it isn't a necessity. You do have the option of using pegs to secure your building, however a concrete slab will offer much more protection.


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