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If you’re in the market for a new shed, garage, workshop or some other type of steel building in, Sam and our team at your local Sheds n Homes store offer a huge range of sheds and steel buildings.

Sheds n Homes Perth is owned and operated by true locals who’ve lived in the area all their lives. 

Sam has worked in various corporate management roles for the past 30 or so years - and since opening the store in Malaga four years ago, he really values being able to work closely with other locals to deliver a high level of customer service along with robust Australian built products designed and engineered to stand up to the Western Australia’s harshest weather conditions.

Having worked with Mark Roberts of Manriki Construction (11773) long-term, our team has the experience to make your project as easy as possible for you.

Call us now on 08-9249-8214 or come by our showroom in Malaga to see us in person.

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Quality Steel Sheds

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Our sheds are all custom designed and engineered for your specific location and your exact requirements. Our range of sheds and steel buildings include:

Please note that we only provide kit homes/liveable sheds as kits only - you will need to be the owner builder for these project. We don't do sheds smaller than 6m x 4m x 2m (4H).

Customisation Options

We offer the following extras and additions to create your ideal steel building solution.

  • PA or glass sliding door
  • Windows with or without security screens
  • Manual, electric, or chain-pulled roller doors
  • A range of airflow and heat reduction solutions
  • Skylight Roof Sheets
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Custom Extended eaves
  • Cantilever awning designs 

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Local Knowledge

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Service Areas

Based in Malaga, we the service the entire Perth Metro Area as well as surrounding locations including:

Shed Prices

Due to such a huge variety in of sizes, designs and options, shed prices will vary. Visit our featured projects page to get an indication on shed prices. 

If you're in the early stages of planning your steel building, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to get some rough prices for your dream shed. 

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Why Choose Us

When purchasing a new shed or steel building there is a lot to consider and from concept to creation - we make it simple for you.

  • Council Approvals: We assist you by providing the technical information you will need to include in your application for Council approval*. You can find information on building and development applications on the City of Perth website.
  • Top Level Service: You simply will not find better service and we go above and beyond to deliver the highest level of customer service. Don't take our word for it, check out our reviews.
  • Australian Made: We supply high quality Australian made products including BlueScope® and Colorbond® steel.
  • Flexible Designs: We have the capabilities to be flexible in our designs and we’ll work closely with you to design your perfect steel building solution for your requirements, property and budget.
  • ShedSafe®: We’re ShedSafe® accredited; offering you the ultimate peace-of-mind in a strong, safe and insurable steel building.
  • BlueScope® Warranty: Our steel buildings are backed by an up-to 20 year BlueScope® Steel Warranty.

*We do not arrange Council approvals. 

ShedSafe® Accreditation

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Put simply, ShedSafe® is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured sheds. A ShedSafe® accredited steel building is designed and engineered to comply with Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC). While it is very unlikely, extreme weather conditions have caused sheds to collapse in the past and there have been instances where insurers didn’t pay out due to non-compliance.

Not only may a non ShedSafe® accredited building be exempt from insurance, the damage to the contents in the shed may also be exempt. Buying a Sheds n Homes shed you can have peace-of-mind knowing you’ve got structurally compliant and insurable building. 

Up To 20-Year BlueScope Warranty

When making a significant purchase like a shed, it is important to know that your investment is covered by a comprehensive warranty and that the manufacturer of the product is willing to stand behind it. Our steel buildings are covered by an up to 20 year BlueScope Steel warranty - Australia’s largest and most reputable steel supplier. 


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