• It’ll take more than a global pandemic to stop us. We’re open for business.
  • Full supply guarantee. The sooner you order, the sooner we’ll supply.
  • From our family to yours – let’s support local businesses.

We’re tough, like our sheds. But being tough alone won’t stop COVID-19. From our family to yours, this is what Sheds n Homes is doing to keep everyone safe, happy and open for business.

It’s going to take more than a global pandemic to keep us from delivering your shed. Right now, we’re making sheds at speed with our full Supply Guarantee. Any future lockdowns could delay delivery, but not stop it. That’s our promise. Don’t put off your shed plans now - the sooner you order, the sooner we’ll supply.

We’re local, just like you. During this difficult time our community needs to stand strong together now more than ever. We’ll continue to support you, your family and your business as much as we can, and we take comfort in knowing that you’ll do the same for us.

We do however need to adjust the way we work a little:

  • No cuddling clients. We’re probably more upset about this one than you, but we need to practice social distancing.
  • We’ll keep our mitts clean as. All staff are practicing regular hand-washing and sanitising.
  • If we’re crook, we’ll keep well away. If you could do the same, that’d be sweet.
  • Blower is best. Get us on the phone or email. Of course we can still do site visits if absolutely necessary.

Give us a buzz or request a quote below – we’re standing by to help you, because we value your business and support during this time.

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