The range of sheds from Sheds n Homes have proudly been recognised as ShedSafe®, the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds.

The ShedSafe® program reviews the engineering plans and calculations provided by the consulting engineer engaged by the shed supplier. The review considers the design principles for compliance with the Building Code of Australia.'


Compliance and Safety

Sheds n Homes has always been committed to safety and supplying strong steel building solutions. Our pre-engineered shed designs come with extended purlin and girt overlaps as well as our unique rafter-over column haunch system – as standard. Furthermore, all of our buildings are designed specific to your site and criteria such as wind, importance level, topography, terrain, shielding, snow and earthquake loading are considered before presenting your steel building design and quote.

In a further endeavour to prove this dedication to safety to our customers and provide complete transparency, we have applied for and been accredited with, ShedSafe®.

ShedSafe® is an independent third party program that demonstrates a manufacturer’s compliance with the Building Code of Australia. It ensures that site specific criteria are met – in particular considerations needed in regards to wind regions and loads.

Why did ShedSafe® Form?

Unfortunately over the last decade Australia has experienced some horrendous extreme weather systems that have caused absolute havoc on too many local communities throughout the country. In far too many of these events, shed failures were common. The reason for these was a lack of alignment with the Building Codes of Australia.

Cyclone Larry in far north Queensland was the final straw for Government Bodies and Building Certifiers, who called on the Australian Steel Institute to take action. The outcome was ShedSafe, an industry accreditation that provides customers with an assurance that the steel buildings they purchase do in fact meet the Building Codes of Australia and will be strong structures once erected.

Why Choose ShedSafe®?

ShedSafe® recommends all sheds are constructed by an appropriately licenced person and approved by the local regulatory authority. ShedSafe® accreditation is your assurance as a buyer that ShedSafe® accredited shed sellers will supply you with a shed using accredited engineering and will recommend a specification suitable for your site.

ShedSafe® is managed by the Australian Steel Institute, Australia’s peak steel industry body.