We pride ourselves on supplying premium quality steel buildings and highlight some of the key features of our portal frame system below.

Haunch Brackets

Designed to strengthen the rafter-over-column haunch joint and prevent axial torque.

Apex Bracket

Apex bracket to full depth of the rafter C sections width return flanges for strength.

Cross Bracing

Diagonal cross bracing reinforces the strength of your building.

Knee Braces

In larger buildings knee braces are provided to strengthen the haunch connection.

Apex Braces

In larger buildings an apex brace (collar tie in tension) is vital in the construction process and aids greatly in...

Z Purlins & Girts

Overlaps are 10% of the bay width PLUS an additional 100mm, which adds significant strength.

Choice of Fixing Method

A number of fixing methods are available to suit your site.

Top Hat & Fly Bracing

Provides additional strength within your shed.