Council Approval Guarantee

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Making the decision to purchase a Sheds n Homes kit home is a huge commitment, as well as investment. That's why when you make this commitment, we offer a council approval guarantee.

We're confident that our steel kit homes are structurally sound and superior, and are unrivalled in the market with all of our kit homes strictly engineered to meet Australia's Class 1 building codes and standards. 

We guarantee that your steel kit home design will meet (if not exceed!) council requirements and approval OR we will refund your deposit in full. 

Our guarantee of council approval lessens your list of worries when going through 

the kit home process and brings greater peace of mind that your dream home will soon become your reality. 

Sheds n Homes have a credible history and experience that enables us to offer this industry leading guarantee. Have the confidence other homeowners could only wish they had when purchasing their home, start your dream home with a steel kit home from Sheds n Homes. 


Terms & Conditions

The seller agrees to refund in full any money paid if the Purchaser has not been able to obtain council approval and:

  1. The Purchaser requests in writing a refund to the Seller, within 3 months of signing the Purchase Agreement.
  2. Manufacturing of the building has not commenced.
  3. A letter from the council is provided by the Purchaser, outlining the reason for non-approval.
  4. The Seller is unable to offer a variation to the Purchaser which would enable council requirements to be met.