3D Augmented Reality

Our latest and greatest product innovation, bringing your shed into reality with our new Augmented Reality software!

So, what is Augmented Reality? Often abbreviated to AR, augmented reality is a combination of real and computer-generated imagery. An example of this is when watching an Olympic swimming race on TV or online, and the line indicating the position of the current world record holder appears ahead of the other competitors as they race through the water.

In our case this means that with a mobile device or tablet you can use the camera to view your shed design as a 3D model wherever you are (provided you have the ‘anchor’ image). When viewing your 3D shed you can change design colours from our COLORBOND® steel range, swap build materials, zoom in or out and view from every angle.

With this game-changing tool you no longer need to wait for your build to be complete before seeing your shed and can be sure you’ve made the right decision with your shed design, size, doors and windows, functionality and colour. 

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