Machinery Sheds

If you have farm machinery and equipment to protect then we can design you the perfect shed.

Machinery sheds come in a variety of sizes, styles, layouts and formats so get in touch with your local Sheds n Homes outlet to start designing a functional building for your farm. We custom design and engineer all sheds specific to your rural site.

Depending on the size of the machinery, you can opt for either an open bay shed or an open gable ended structure. An open gable end machinery shed allows for clear access to drive through whereas open bays allow for really large buildings if you need lots of storage space.

Robust Framing

Our machinery sheds have been certified by ShedSafe and incorporate our extra strong cold-formed steel portal frames. This system allows for heights up to 9.5 metres, clear spans up to 30 metres (depends on design criteria) and lengths beyond 200 metres. 

They are also designed and pre-engineered tough with extended overlaps on purlins and girts, with a minimum of 10% of the bay width plus an additional 100mm. This frame also includes a rafter-over-column bracket system to prevent axial torque.

Functional Machinery Sheds

Beyond flexible dimensions and the choice of gable or skillion roofs, we also can integrate a variety of functional extras. Spanning a variety of access points (industrial rollers, steel sliding and personal access doors), dividing walls, ventilation and insulation – we have everything you need to protect your machinery from the extreme elements.

Our machinery sheds are all manufactured from premium BlueScope Steel, locally in Australia. This delivers cladding options in ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel as well peace of mind you are getting a quality shed.

Call 1800 764 764 to speak with your nearest Sheds n Homes outlet. Alternatively, you can send your project requirements through via our Quote Request Form.

Machinery Shed Layout Options

Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
maleny rual open front zincalume farm shed
Span 12 m Length 30 m Height 5 m
Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
gympie rural open front zincalume farm shed
Span 7.5 m Length 16 m Height 3.3 m
Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
wallaroo rural zincalume shed wallaroo rural zincalume shed 2
Span 7 m Length 12 m Height 3.6 m
Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
portland rural zincalume shed
Span 9 m Length 24 m Height 4.2 m
Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
katoomba zincalume open front farm shed
Span 20 m Length 72 m Height 7 m
Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
kununurra open front zincalume farm machinery shed
Span 7.5 m Length 20 m Height 3.6 m
Rural Sheds for Sale > Machinery Sheds
coolangatta open front zincallume farm shed large bays

Coolangatta Shed

Span 12 m Length 36 m Height 5 m


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