Not only does our design software permit custom dimensions and layouts, you can also choose to integrate the optional extras below that will deliver the function you need.

Cantilever Awnings

Cantilever awnings provide shelter and shade, whilst incorporating poleless functionality.

Eave Extensions

Gain extra shade and the look you want with Eave Extensions. Available on both traditional gable and modern skillion roofs. 

Roller Doors

Standard or extra wide roller doors manufactured from COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel.

Motorised Roller Doors

Roller door motors provide easier access to your shed or garage. 

Windlock Roller Doors

Essential in high wind areas, these roller door locks provide greater security and safety.  

Personal Access Doors

Adds foot traffic access. Available in both standard and deluxe models in all COLORBOND® steel colours. 

Steel Sliding Doors

A great option when you need to gain the maximum height and opening for your shed.  Available up to 6 metres.

Industrial Doors

Industrial strength and sized roller doors that operate via a metal chain pulley system.

Fibreglass Roof Sheets

Fibreglass sheets that can create skylights in your shed roof. Not available in cyclonic areas. 

Roof Ventilators

Roof ventilation enhances airflow and comfort in your shed. Not available in cyclonic areas.


Roof and wall insulation is available, to slow down the movement of heat through the building materials in your shed. 

Removal of Gutters

If Council permits it, you can remove the gutters on your shed or garage. Downpipes can be supplied on request.

Dividing Walls

Dividers can be integrated into your building design to offer secure storage areas, or to provide you with a mixed-use building.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a great way to add extra storage space in your shed, garage or barn.  

Extra Wide Bay Openings

Bay widths can be up to 12 metres (10 metres in cyclonic areas) or even wider through the integration of...

Sheeting Profiles

Options include: Horro Corro (horizontal Corrodek®), Trimclad®, Metroclad® and Corrodek®.  

Stable Boxes

Steel posts can be provided to create stable boxes for your horse stables. 

Split Stable Doors

Split stable doors are available in two heights, to enhance airflow and comfort for your horses.

Fixing Methods

Various fixing methods are available including Chemset, U-Bolts or Column in Concrete. Depends on the structural requirements. 

Horizontal Corodek®

Nominate to lay your your Corodek® wall cladding horizontally for a premium finish.