Aircraft Hangars

As any aircraft owner knows, correct storage of your aircraft is integral to the longevity and above all safety of your machine. At Sheds n Homes we're specialists in custom solutions for unique requirements - get in touch today. 

Our steel shed portal framing system allows us to design aircraft hangars that deliver strength and durability. Our designs allow for clear spans up to 30 metres and lengths beyond 200 metres, so we have you covered when it comes to housing light aircraft.

We manufacture all kit sheds from high-tensile BlueScope Steel using a minimum of 450MPa GALVASPAN® steel. Our frame includes extended overlaps on purlins and girts, a haunch bracket to strengthen the rafter-over-column haunch joint and prevent axial torque, and an apex bracket to the full depth of the rafter C-Sections. All these elements result in a seriously robust - and Shedsafe® accredited - aircraft hanger. 

Outrigger sliding doors are available for this building type, please contact your local distributor to discuss your options and make your hangar dreams a reality.

Layout Design Options

Steel Commercial Sheds > Aircraft Hangars
Aircraft Hangar open front Aircraft Hangar open front 20m x 25m Aircraft Hangar open front internal view

Open Front Hangars

Span - m Length - m Height - m
Steel Commercial Sheds > Aircraft Hangars
aircraft hangar sliding doos aircraft hangar sliding doors Aircraft Hangar steel sliding doors eucalypt

Hangar with Sliding Door

Span - m Length - m Height - m
Steel Commercial Sheds > Aircraft Hangars
helicopter shed aircraft hangar

Hangar with Roller Door

Span - m Length - m Height - m

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